Governance, Risk, and Compliance Solutions

Governance risk and compliance, also known as GRC, is a vital term for organizations, ensuring they achieve objectives, address uncertainty, and act with integrity. Simply put, GRC is a strategy for tackling problems in governance, risk management, and compliance. That's where Governance risk and compliance solutions come in to help professionals with holistic solutions.

INTERCERT provides services for Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) management consisting of various frameworks / standards for aligning organizational information technology with business goals, managing risks and fulfils applicable regulations and leading the organizations achieve organizational goals reliably, remove uncertainty, and meet compliance requirements.

Understanding Governance, Risk, and Compliance Solutions
To understand how its solution works, first, we need to understand each part of the acronym.

Governance Solutions:
The process established and executed by businesses to accomplish their objectives and goals, known as governance. Its solutions help them to achieve effective decision-making within all levels of the organization, helping them to attain the goals and objectives. For this, the business needs to establish accurate guidelines and effective communication among all the employees, so they can be productive.

Risk Management Solutions:
No organization is elude to risk. So, risk management becomes crucial for them to manage and predict risks that can stop an organization from achieving its objectives and goals. However, risk can vary from organization to organization. That's why it is essential to identify, track, and mitigate. Risk management solutions help organizations develop a risk management culture.

Compliance Solutions: 
Compliance stands for adherence to rules, regulations, and procedures. It defines how a business should operate, and failing to comply with these standards can lead to some consequences, such as fines, revenue loss, and disbarment. For instance, with the advancement in technology, businesses need to adhere to cyber security compliance to protect the user's data. Furthermore, PCI DSS compliance and SOC2 compliance are common types of compliance that businesses need to adhere to.

The GRC Division Services Offered By INTERCERT

Information Security Management System Certification Services accredited from IAF member accreditation board from Canada & United States.
Privacy Information Management System Certification Services accredited from AF member accreditation board from United States.
Information Technology Service Management System accredited from IAF member accreditation board from United States
Business Continuity Management System accredited from IAF member accreditation board from United States.
Risk Management System Compliance Certification
Supply Chain Security Management System Compliance Certification
Payment card mb-3 Industry Data Security Standard assessment & certification from approved Quality System Assessor (QSA)
Service Organization Control Attestation from AICPA qualified CPA
General Data Protection Regulation assessment from certified DPO
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act compliance assessment

Benefits of INTERCERT's Governance, Risk, and Compliance Solutions

1. Improved Risk Management
Every business needs to mitigate the associated risks in their organizations, SOC2 compliance, PCI DSS compliance, and other help to identify the potential area of risk and improve the strategies to mitigate the risk.

2. Increased Credibility
Achieving certification, like ISO 27001 certification from INTERCERT, demonstrates that an organization has met rigorous standards and best practices. It indicates that your organization is committed to quality, safety, and professionalism.

3. Compliance with Industry Standards
Taking certifications from INTERCERT helps businesses to meet industry standards. For instance, cyber security compliance is vital for every organization in this digital landscape, preventing data breaches.


INTERCERT is an international certification institute providing Auditing, Certification and Training services of international repute on Governance, Risk Management & Compliance (GRC) Frameworks worldwide since year 2008.

The INTERCERT auditing team of 125+ auditors possess the experience in wide range of business scopes of industrial and business sectors and offers its customers professional assessments and certification services internationall. Our team is committed to adopt the challenges and changes of business requirements in service delivery to meet our customer expectations. 

Apart from this, INTERCERT also offers GDPR certification, which allows businesses to operate in the European Union and handle their data.