• 14 Years of Incorporation
  • 125+ Team of Auditors
  • 20+ countries Global Coverage
  • 4000 + Customers
  • Dual Accreditation from SCC and KAB
  • Auditor Training Exemplar Global


INTERCERT is an international certification institute providing Auditing, Certification and Training services of international repute on various Management Systems and Standards Worldwide.

Since 2008, INTERCERT has envisioned to offer impeccable certification, auditing and training services. With a focus on imparting quality-centric standards, we deliver a gamut of certifications that help our clients stand out in the crowd. Our certifications and audits promise improved perception, improved business processes, increased savings and increased sustainability among a plethora of other advantages.


  • Customer – centric approach on assessments and training
  • Competitive, price- effective and digital certification services
  • Venturous and impartial maxim 
  • More than 4000 customers across the globe
  • Our service performance is monitored as per ISO 17021 requirements
  • hassle free approach from the time of initial enquiry, through to application, assessment, and certification.
  • Accredited by Standard Council of Canada, SCC ( SCC is an IAF, APAC AND IAAC member )
  • Sensible fees for registration, assessment and surveillance
  • Combined audit experience of 15,000 days.


To be the go to training and certification institute for business and professionals worldwide through digital and human interactions. We aim to be remembered and revered for not only what we do for our clients but how well we do it.


INTERCERT is spearheaded by a team of quality professionals driven towards finding a safe and sustainable global environment catalyzed by successful businesses.

The prime mission of INTERCERT is to provide transparent, impartial and value-added lead auditor training and certification services to help customers achieve qualitative business goals with the trusted assurance seal of INTERCERT.

INTERCERT is experienced in a wide range of business scopes of industrial and business sectors. We offer our customers professional assessments and certification services internationally as per (International Organization for Standardization) requirements.

Our team is committed to adopting the challenges and changes of business requirements in service delivery to meet customer expectations effortlessly.