In the advanced digital world, every piece of data goes to the cloud. This helps businesses process the data much faster and more easily. However, with the vast amount of data processed online, the risk of data breaches increases. If business data gets hacked, this can lead to a loss of customer trust, increasing many liabilities.

The widespread usage of cloud computing also increases the concern, especially personally identifiable information. So, ISO 27018 certification comes into the picture to ensure that data is secure and won't be used by anyone without consent. In this blog, we will delve into ISO 27018 compliance.

Benefits of Implementing ISO 27018 Compliance

If organizations do not comply with the security standards, more than 80% of consumers will not do business with them. Showing ISO 27018 certification to customers demonstrates that their data is protected under PII protection. 

Moreover, cloud service providers can close deals very easily with the certification. Here are some additional benefits that businesses can leverage by achieving certification:

Improved Global Operations

ISO 27018 is an extension of ISO 27001, an internationally recognized standard. This demonstrates that cloud service providers ensure security practices. This helps them to gain the trust of clients, including international ones. Cloud service providers can acquire business globally, as most countries follow these standards. This helps them to increase their revenue.

Streamlined Sales Processes

Security is a cornerstone of sales deals, and in the IT industry, no clients want to compromise with security. Adhering to ISO 27018 compliance gains the trust of customers, which is necessary for closing the deal.

Your organization might go through various questions while dealing with clients if you aren't ISO 27001/27018 certified. On the other hand, having a certification assures us we can close the deal. 

Improved Security and Legal Protection

Suppose any business is involved in cloud data; earning ISO 27018 certification and getting ISO training help to establish the security baseline. When a business complies with these standards, the security risk is reduced.

Moreover, these compliances help businesses to protect themselves against hefty legal penalties. Negligence can often lead to legal penalties, impacting your revenue and business. The well-defined ISO 27018 certification can help reduce the likelihood of breach and focus on security.

Increased Security

After the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a rise in cloud computing usage in various industries due to remote work. Compliance with ISO 27018 can be beneficial for businesses, preventing security threats.

How much will an organization pay to achieve ISO/IEC 27018 Certification?

The cost of achieving ISO 27018 certification depends on several factors, such as size and complexity. Moreover, the preparation of the certification time, certification body, and location are also considered in the certification. Understanding that the organization's cost can be tailored to specific needs is essential.

Wrapping Up!

In the competitive landscape, it is crucial to have gained trust. ISO 27018 certification helps businesses that deal with cloud data protect against the cyber threat. INTERCERT is an internationally recognized certification body that helps organizations with ISO training, audit, and certification.