There are various security certification options available for businesses, such as HIPAA, PCI, CMMC, and more. However, ISO 27001 standards still remain the popular choices applicable across continents and business verticals. ISO 27001 certification can be invaluable to an organization dealing with the internet and digital worlds. ISO 27001 standards work as a framework for an organization about how they will handle and control the data.

What is the Purpose of ISO 27001 Certification?

ISO 27001 standards aim to provide a framework on how the organization should manage their data. Having an ISO 27001 certified helps an organization to demonstrate its capability to be trusted with the data. So, organizations of all sizes should understand the importance of cybersecurity. That's where ISMS serves as a critical tool, especially for organizations located at various locations.

However, it is essential to understand that ISO 27001 standards are not a legal requirement, and only a few countries require organizations to be ISMS certified.

How to Become ISO 27001 Certified?

The road to becoming ISO-Certified is long, and the entire journey can take more than one year. However, it is vital to understand that ISO doesn't provide certification. So, business requires an ISMS auditor to validate that their organization has implemented the best practices into their organization. Moreover, after adhering to all checklists of the framework, the organization will earn ISO 27001 certification. Here is the process of becoming ISO 27001 Certified:

Stage 1

INTERCERT is an ISMS auditor who conducts a high-level review of the organization. In phase one, we determine that your organization is ready to move to another phase. Moreover, organizations should ensure the seamless documentation of processes and support to the auditor to become certified as soon as possible.

  1. Stage 2

In the second phase, as ISMS auditors, we conduct audits in the organization to perform and examine how security controls are applied. We identify the evidence that supports that organization and implement the standards into their organization. Documentation is important in evaluating whether an organization has implemented the standards into their organization and is ready to become ISO-certified.

The Bottom Line!

Organizations want to become ISMS certified to demonstrate their commitment to their stakeholders and clients that they respect their data and are committed to protecting them. That's where INTERCERT comes forward to help. We are an ISMS auditor that helps identify and address risks. We conduct the audits in your organization and provide training to ensure that you maintain your ISMS certification