While browsing a website, you must have encountered accepting or rejecting cookies. Have you ever wondered what exactly the cookies are? Websites ask users to adhere to data privacy and protection laws to track personal data and ensure transparency. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a data protection and privacy law enacted by the EU.

However, it is vital to understand that GDPR certification is a set of rules that guides how companies should manage their customer and employee data. GDPR certification applies to all organizations irrespective of their size and industry. This blog will delve deeper into how to become GDPR compliant.

Importance of Becoming a GDPR Complaint

The European Commission has developed a set of rules that protect EU citizens' data privacy and security. The rule provides their citizens with greater control over how their data will be used and stored. Moreover, companies outside Europe dealing with European citizens should have GDPR certification. 

Steps to Become GDPR compliant

Getting GDPR compliance certification India is not difficult, as you need to follow the following steps:

Create Awareness in the Organization

This is the first step in achieving GDPR compliance certification India because compliance is not only limited to top management. An organization must follow a holistic approach to involve employees in raising data protection awareness. This will raise a sense of responsibility in the employees.

Keep a Record of Data Flow

An organization should be aware of customer data flows in or out of their cloud. By keeping a record of this data, businesses can align with GDPR standards and achieve GDPR certification.

Adopt a Data Protection Mindset

Protecting customer data should be a priority for an organization. So, they require a mindset. You can carry out a DIPA in high-risk situations. Encrypt user data to become GDPR compliant. Delete data that is no longer needed to reduce the volume of data. Moreover, it also reduces the data from obsolete backups.

Assign a Data Protection Officer

Assign a DPO in your organization so they can take responsibility to become GDPR compliant. 

Detect, Report, and Investigate Data Breaches

A data breach in your organization can affect your business reputation. Develop a procedure to detect, report, and investigate the data breach in the organization. In addition, one also needs to assess the types of data you are handling, which will trigger a notification in case of a breach.

The Bottom Line!

A GDPR certification can help businesses increase their reputation to meet regulatory requirements. If you want to achieve GDPR compliance certification in India, INTERCERT has your back. We assess your organization to identify the data types you are dealing with. In addition, we also provide training to become GDPR compliant, and after this, we facilitate you with certification.