Data theft has been one of the biggest problems, so the European Union developed the game-changing data privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This law was enacted on May 25, 2018, to transform how businesses handle personal data within the European Union. However, it doesn't matter whether your business operates within the EU or outside; if businesses deal with EU citizens' data, GDPR compliance becomes essential. 

That's where GDPR certification helps companies demonstrate their commitment to customer data safety. INTERCERT is an international certification institute offering GDPR certification in India with extensive experience.

Steps to Be GDPR Compliant

Obtaining Consent

An organization needs to keep its terms and conditions clear and understandable. It means businesses can't confuse users with the complex language. Moreover, it is essential to take user consent to process their data.

Timely Breach Notification

An organization has 72 hours to report to data controllers and customers in case of any security breach. However, some companies might not have a GDPR data controller. Fine will be imposed if your company fails to report the data breach within a given time frame. Moreover, conduct regular self-audits to validate that personal data is collected, stored, and processed securely and isn't accessible to more than necessary personnel. 

?onduct a Data Protection Impact Assessment

This process identifies and reduces the risk of personal data collection and processing. A company must clearly understand data privacy to get GDPR compliance certification, as it helps select the proper security measures and develop relevant policies.

Implement Proper Data Security Measures

An organization must implement data protection measures to get GDPR certification. 

Ensure Users' Privacy Rights

Ensuring the consumers' rights is necessary to comply with GDPR. However, inform your users in case of any change in privacy policy. 

Document Your GDPR Compliance

Documenting the compliance process helps your organization demonstrate compliance requirements to the authorities to prove that all the data is processed legally and that all security measures have been followed.

Appoint a Data Protection Officer

A data protection officer helps companies to become GDPR compliant by overseeing the compliance requirements. Moreover, you can also outsource this to a specialist. 

Train Your Staff About Secure Data Processing

It can help minimize the data breach risk and GDPR violation. Make sure your employees are aware of the GDPR requirements.

Benefits of GDPR Compliance

  • Increased customer trust
  • Reduce the risk of data breach
  • Offer competitive edge
  • Help in seamless data management

The Bottom Line!

In today's world, GDPR Compliance is not just a legal obligation but an opportunity to protect customer data. So, gaining a GDPR compliance certification can help demonstrate your commitment to protecting your customer data. INTERCERT offers GDPR assessment services to organizations to demonstrate their commitment to GDPR compliance and earning GDPR certification in India.